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DosVelas Pictures Presents:
Bhopa: The Art of Survival
Now Available on DVD at:
DosVelas is happy to present an updated website and the dvd Bhopa: The Art of Survival.
In this documentary three families of Bhopas, the Rajasthani musician caste in India, share their lives with us. They tell us how life was in the past during the days of the Maharajas, how it is now and what they hope for the future of their children. A testimony to the culture of the Bhopas, this documentary features the skill of instrument making, an oral tradition of singing/storytelling and a way of life that soon may become extinct.
Please have a look at the newly improved website and join us again on the journey of collaboartion with diverse communities across the globe.

Project DV
Paco Beltrán & Jessica Leung

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